Eileen Senner's paintings reflect on being a body and having a head or having a body and being a head, with the on-going thread being the body, its potential for wisdom and folly.  Torso:  portal through which all sorts of associations, memories and secrets that can't quite be found slip or fall, emerge, enter, exit, repeatedly.  The body:  fluid, constantly changing, reconfiguring in and out of states of merger, solidarity.

Senner's work probes the relationship between our animal instinctual selves and our human cerebral selves.  Her work suggests classical fragmented human torsos as a reference to human culture with its preferences for tidy and artificial boundaries.

Senner's paintings suggest that we emerge from darkness, that we pass into darkness, and that between these two nights we are filled with light.  And that to be lost and then realize the nature of that darkness and that light is the human work we do to truly become ourselves.

Eileen Senner's art has been reviewed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, d'art INTERNATIONAL, the Los Angeles Times, Visions, ARTWEEK, artnews, and the L.A. WEEKLY.  She received her M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University and has been awarded two National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Grants and several Scripps College faculty research grants.

She works and lives in southern California.